Lyricrified Tshirts

SuzieT is an all girls T-shirts and singlets store creating unique lyrical T-shirts. 
Unlike your ordinary T-shirt stores, SuzieT brings designs with a twist to the lyrics we hear almost everyday.
Lyricrified: /ˈlɪrɪkrɪfʌɪ/ - verb - lyrics electrified

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Take a simple phrase and create something outstanding with it.. That's what Lyricrified T-shirts do. A new meaning to the phrase " What do you mean?" 

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Ever get butterflies in your tummy when something exciting is about to happen? What do you get in your tummy when something extraordinary is about to happen?

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Simple and classic. Nothing like black on a white T-shirt. Elegant text with a little bit of magic thrown in to the mix

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Do exactly what the T-shirt says... This unique and one of a kind T-shirt will is exactly what you need for the wonderful summer we are waiting for.

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We love the classics.. and who can beat pink on black? This very spicy tank is gorgeous to add to your summer collection

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Pink is feminine but add a bit of glitter and you add a whole new meaning to the word feminine. saucy fitness wear or just coz you like it.

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